5 Essential facts about Aviva Emberton

When considering a property investment, it’s critical to cut through the noise and focus on the facts. Aviva Emberton, a burgeoning development within the Hillcrest area, offers a compelling case for both prospective homeowners and astute investors. Let’s dive into the core details that encapsulate the essence and promise of this modern residential estate.

Fact 1: Strategic location and local growth

Aviva is situated in the heart of Hillcrest, KZN, a region experiencing significant growth. With a 48% increase in median house prices over the last decade, Hillcrest has emerged as a sought-after location. This growth is a strong indicator of the area’s future potential. Aviva Emberton capitalises on this trend, positioning itself within easy reach of essential amenities, including Winston Park Primary School, Thomas More College, Hillcrest Corner, and Waterfall Mall. Its proximity to major transportation arteries like the N3 highway and Old Main Road connects residents to the broader region, including the bustling city of Durban less than 30 minutes away.

Fact 2: A full spectrum of modern amenities

The development’s thoughtfully designed apartments, ranging from studios to 2-bedrooms, cater to diverse needs, from young professionals seeking a cosmopolitan lifestyle to families desiring community-centric living. The common thread is access to a variety of modern amenities, with clubhouses, swimming pools, and recreational courts right on your doorstep.

Beyond structured amenities, Aviva Emberton recognises the desire to connect with nature. The estate is surrounded by beautifully landscape and manicured outdoor spaces where residents can immerse themselves in tranquil surroundings. Whether it’s a morning jog on well-maintained pathways, a weekend family picnic on the lush lawns, or a quiet afternoon walking your dog, the integration with the outdoors is a cornerstone of the Aviva experience.

The layout of the estate encourages walking and cycling, a subtle nod to sustainable living practices. Child-friendly play areas ensure that the youngest residents are not forgotten, creating a safe and engaging environment for the next generation to grow and play.

It’s about creating an environment where every amenity is an invitation to connect, engage, and enjoy life to its fullest. Aviva forms part of this established thriving community. Aviva is a true haven for those who seek a contemporary, vibrant, and enriched lifestyle.

Fact 3: Investment potential and financial attractiveness

Investment in Aviva Emberton is an investment in value. Not only is the entry price point competitive, starting from R730,000, but the financial incentives are significant. With a low deposit requirement and the absence of transfer duty, the financial barriers to entry are remarkably reduced. The estimated gross rental yields, ranging up to 9.14%, make for a promising return on investment. The already established success of the estate’s initial phases reinforces the potential for long-term capital appreciation. Don’t forget that when you invest in an off-plan development, you will enjoy capital appreciation between the time construction starts to when it is completed.

Fact 4: A sustainable and eco-conscious development

Aviva is designed with the future in mind. The developers have incorporated sustainable solutions that resonate with contemporary buyers. These include solar supplementation, gas geysers, and low-flow faucets, reducing the ecological footprint and offering cost savings to residents. The use of LED lighting and metered electricity supports a green living ethos. The apartments are “inverter ready,” laying the groundwork for possible solar panel integrations, underscoring a commitment to renewable energy.

Fact 5: Community, safety and quality of life

Safety and a sense of community are paramount at Aviva Emberton. Living within this estate, you are afforded a double layer of security – that of the holistic Emberton Estate and the safety features within Aviva. Beyond safety, the development fosters a strong sense of community. The inclusion of communal spaces, from the iconic clubhouse and the kids’ play area, to the swimming pool and tennis courts, aligns with the family-friendly ethos of Hillcrest. These factors contribute to the high quality of life for residents and are a draw for potential renters and buyers alike.

Aviva Emberton stands as a testament to thoughtful development in a growing region. It melds the allure of contemporary living with the stability of a sound investment. As you consider your next property move, remember these key facts about Aviva Emberton — they are the cornerstones of an estate built for the future, promising both a lifestyle and investment that are as rewarding as they are robust. Whether you’re seeking a home that complements an active, family-oriented lifestyle or an investment that promises growth and sustainability, Aviva Emberton is poised to exceed expectations.

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