5 reasons to invest in Aviva Emberton

Investing in real estate has always been one of the surest paths to financial growth. Aviva Hillcrest, as part of the last phase of the acclaimed Emberton Estate, presents a unique opportunity for savvy investors.

Aviva Emberton encapsulates what modern investors seek – a blend of location, growth potential, accessibility, cost savings, reputable development, sustainability, and lifestyle. Each of these factors plays a crucial role in ensuring that your investment is not just sound but also potentially very profitable.

As we delve into a detailed analysis of each reason, investors should consider the holistic impact of these benefits.

Here are five compelling reasons why Aviva stands out as a sound investment.

1. Prime location with strong growth potential

Real estate is all about location, and Aviva Hillcrest offers a spot in the fast-growing upper Highway area of Hillcrest. Over the past decade, this region has seen a median house price growth of 48%, a clear indicator of its burgeoning potential. With the estate’s proximity to essential amenities – a mere stone’s throw from top-notch schools, vibrant restaurants, bars, and popular shopping malls – Aviva Hillcrest is not just strategically placed, but also promises a lifestyle of convenience and quality.

The development offers direct access to major highways like Old Main Road and the M13, as well as the N3, linking residents to Durban within 30 minutes. This connectivity is a plus for residents or renters who may commute for work, ensuring that your investment continues to yield substantial returns.

The location of Aviva within Hillcrest provides an enviable mix of urban convenience and natural beauty, attracting a demographic that values balance and quality of life. The growth potential in the area, backed by solid historical data, presents a scenario where the investment is not just about current yields, but also about future appreciation.

2. Exceptional rental yields and capital appreciation

A sound investment is measured by its return on investment (ROI), and Aviva doesn’t disappoint. Investors can anticipate gross rental yields up to 9.14% per annum, an impressive figure given the current economic climate. The appeal of the new, modern apartments at Aviva Hillcrest, coupled with a strong demand for rental properties, means investors can capitalise on both short-term rental income and long-term capital appreciation.

What fuels this appreciation? Continuous development, an increasing influx of residents seeking quality living outside the bustle of the city, and the estate’s positioning as a prestigious address all contribute to Aviva’s growth prospects. Considering the previous success of Phase 1, the swift absorption rate indicates a solid investor confidence that is likely to bolster Phase 2.

3. Low barrier to entry and cost savings

One of the most attractive features of Aviva is the incredibly low barrier to entry for investors. With studio apartments beginning at R750,000 and the requirement of only a R5,000 deposit, the financial threshold to enter the property market here is significantly lower than many other investments of a similar calibre.

The absence of transfer duty is an immediate cost saving that can’t be understated. Transfer duty can often add a significant amount to the purchase price, but at Aviva, this saving directly benefits the investor, enhancing the appeal and potential return on investment from the outset.

The cost-saving elements like no transfer duty and a low deposit make for an accessible investment, removing barriers that often deter potential investors.

4. Reputable developer with a proven track record

The confidence in a real estate investment is profoundly influenced by the developer’s reputation. Aviva Hillcrest is brought to life by a developer known for their high-quality builds and successful past projects. The professional execution and delivery of Emberton Estate’s previous phases provide investors with a sense of security, knowing that they are buying into a development with a proven blueprint for success. The Collins Group is a multi-faceted business based in KwaZulu-Natal, with interest across Southern Africa. Driven by leading experts with a hunger for crafting only the excellent, Collins dream and conceptualise big ideas and turn them into realities. Pioneering a culture of quality with conservation at the heart of all we do, our goal is to deliver exceptional real estate opportunities and unrivalled leisure tourism destinations with further interests in numerous commercial offerings.

Aviva’s development team, known for their reliability and success, assures investors that their capital is in competent hands.

5. Sustainability and lifestyle amenities

Today’s investors are increasingly mindful of sustainability and lifestyle quality. Aviva answers this call with a host of sustainable solutions, including solar supplementing features, contributing to lower electricity costs and eco-friendliness.

The on-site restaurant, iconic clubhouse, swimming pools, playgrounds for children, padel courts, braai pods, and outdoor fields offer residents a lifestyle that goes beyond the walls of their homes. These amenities not only enhance the living experience but also add to the rental appeal, which can translate to higher rents and lower vacancy rates.

The sustainability features and lifestyle amenities are not just about adding bells and whistles. They represent a future-forward approach to living and investing – one where the ecological footprint and quality of life are paramount.

Investing in Aviva Emberton is a step into a community that’s been carefully crafted for growth, sustainability, and lifestyle. It’s an opportunity to be part of a vision that reflects both the present needs and future aspirations of homeowners and investors alike. With Phase 1’s success and Phase 2 now underway, the time to consider Aviva as your next investment venture is now.

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