Emberton Comes of Age

From young families to get-up-and-go professionals, this Hillcrest lifestyle estate has grown and moved with the times and the market. It’s all about community, and Emberton has that and more.

Hillcrest may have grown from a little country village far from the madding crowd, into a sassy urban one, but it definitely hasn’t left its glorious country roots or community vibe behind. It’s that sense of community in a gentle nature-based setting, which makes Emberton Estate such an appealing place to put down roots.

For newcomers to the area, it’s a wonder to discover that the village of Hillcrest offers the wonderfully natural environment of old trees and green expanses, horses, mountain bike tracks, outdoor markets…all within a stone’s throw of top-notch retail, commercial and office facilities. Living on an estate like Emberton, residents can access everything from world-class schools, to horse riding lessons and a mountain bike trail, in a matter of minutes. It’s this unique, multifaceted type of residential estate which resonates with the needs of so many young people moving into the Hillcrest area. This young, entrepreneurial energy is a positive force for the village of Hillcrest, and breathes new life, fresh ideas and a dynamic dimension into a community.

Over a quarter of Emberton residents work within Hillcrest and the Upper Highway belt. One of Hillcrest’s major advantages is its close proximity and easy access to the M4 freeway, and in this estate – a hop, skip and jump from the M4 – many residents head west to Pietermaritzburg, or east to Durban and the North Coast. The position is unsurpassed. When Emberton land was first brought to the attention of the experienced developers, Collins Residential, that easy accessibility to everywhere was considered a major drawcard. It’s proven absolutely correct, as global trends lean heavily towards easy accessibility to places of work – with less time spent in traffic – more compact living where communities share facilities and therefore costs, and a connection to nature which fosters health and wellbeing. Hillcrest and Emberton tick all three boxes.

Emberton is certainly coming of age, as the new phase of the estate is poised to launch. The configuration of these homes has been precisely what the market wanted, and this phase, too, will respond to the needs of prospective homeowners. As Collins Residential project specialist Pat Lambie says, “Young people are looking for affordable, quality homes where they can begin this phase of their lives in what they consider to be a healthier, happier environment in which to work, play, and raise children. They choose Upper Highway because they see it as ‘country’…far from the negatives of city living!” He added, “They are, however, realistic, and therefore very drawn to the exemplary security of an estate like Emberton.”

Although estate living in South Africa is becoming increasingly around lifestyle within the estate, the advantage of living in Hillcrest is the volume of brilliant restaurant and entertainment opportunities five minutes from the Emberton gatehouse. It’s wonderful to have the heated lap pool, tennis court, clubhouse, BMX track, playground and more right on your doorstep for the children, but equally, it’s great to move in and out of the greater Hillcrest community and enjoy what the village has to offer.

As modern as life here has become, there’s something still a little historical and old-worlde-values about the area and this estate. And everybody likes it just like that. At Emberton, when the evening lampposts comes on…it’s time for the children to leave their friends or the playground, and go home. There’s something about that return to old fashioned values which people are yearning for…knowing your neighbours, and not only being part of the community but playing your part effectively.

Emberton Estate has come of age. It’s mirrored the growth and maturing of Hillcrest, and provided the ideal homes, lifestyle and community that young people want and can afford.

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