The Hillcrest property market revitalisation 

In the ever-evolving real estate market, some developments make a significant impact, showcasing the health and potential of the property scene; Aviva Emberton is one such influential project in the Hillcrest area.

The latest update from Collins Residential reveals a significant stride forward with the announcement that construction on the final phase of Emberton Estate is set to commence soon. This milestone arrives only a few months post-launch, marking a period during which Aviva Emberton defied industry norms by achieving an astounding R100 million in sales in the first 30 days.

Remarkable sales velocity

It serves as a testament to the Hillcrest market’s robustness but also underscores the successful fusion of strategic development and community integration. Geoff Perkins, Managing Director of Collins Residential, articulates this sentiment, noting that the market’s enthusiastic reception of Aviva Emberton’s offerings reaffirms the wisdom of investing in property. Perkins adds that Emberton Estate transcends the mere construction of buildings, having established itself as a vibrant heart of lifestyle and activity for over 400 families who now call it home.

Aviva Emberton Estate, with its premium selection of studio, 1 and 2-bedroom apartments, invites residents to a world of contemporary elegance. These apartments, ooze simplicity with open-plan interiors, ample natural lighting, and high-end fixtures, which encapsulate the modern lifestyle on offer. The ‘lock-up-and-go’ solution Aviva promises, is accentuated by the provision of a parking bay for every resident, with the option to acquire more.

The developers attribute the success of Aviva Emberton to not just the development’s prime location but also to strategic pricing that captures the hearts of hopeful buyers. With units starting at R730,000, the development breaks new ground by offering lifestyle-inspired living at an accessible price point. This affordability does not come at the expense of luxury or community, as residents gain access to comprehensive amenities including clubhouses, swimming pools, padel courts, and fitness centres.

Outlining the financial aspects of each unit type, giving a snapshot of the investment potential at Aviva Emberton.

Studio apartment 30m2

  • Starting Price: From R750,000
  • Estimated Bond Repayment: R8,128 per month
  • Estimated Rental Income: R7,500 per month
  • Estimated Annual GROSS Rental Yield: 11%
  • Monthly Rates: R568
  • Monthly Levies: R1,374

1-bedroom apartment 40m2

  • Starting Price: From R895,000
  • Estimated Bond Repayment: R9,388 per month
  • Estimated Rental Income: R9,000 per month
  • Estimated Annual GROSS Rental Yield: 8.9%
  • Monthly Rates: R765
  • Monthly Levies: R1,465

2-bedroom, 1-bathroom 59m2

  • Starting Price: From R1,270,000
  • Estimated Bond Repayment: R12,512 per month
  • Estimated Rental Income: R11,000 per month
  • Estimated Annual GROSS Rental Yield: 8%
  • Monthly Rates: R1,135
  • Monthly Levies: R1,653

2-bedroom, 2-bathroom 64m2

  • Starting Price: From R1,370,000
  • Estimated Bond Repayment: R13,778 per month
  • Estimated Rental Income: R12,000 per month
  • Estimated Annual GROSS Rental Yield: 7.9%
  • Monthly Rates: R1,234
  • Monthly Levies: R1,698

A thriving ecosystem

Emberton Estate has established itself as a premium residential estate that has woven into the fabric of the community, and created a vibrant social scene unique to the estate’s charm.

Situated in Hillcrest, known for its thriving community and ecosystem, Aviva Emberton is a paragon of holistic living. Its strategic location ensures seamless access to work, education, and leisure, perfectly complementing the development’s vision of a comprehensive living experience.

This vision has profound implications not just for lifestyle but also for investment potential within Hillcrest. With projected gross rental yields between 7.51% and 9.14%, and estimated rental incomes ranging from R7,500 to R12,000, the financial rationale for investing in Aviva Emberton is compelling. It offers investors and prospective homeowners an opportunity to partake in a development that is both a catalyst for the Hillcrest area and a sound investment proposition.

Aviva Emberton is actively crafting a future where living expectations are exceeded. This is a place where investment and lifestyle converge, creating a lasting legacy for both residents and investors – a community where every facet of living vividly is realised.

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