The wonderful women of Emberton

August is Women’s Month and during a time that celebrates formidable females, we thought we’d chat to a few of our very own to see why they love our community and what they’re doing to make a difference.


Fiona Gibbons


If you’ve ever paid us a visit for a tour of Emberton, you’ve probably met Fiona. Not only does she form part of the sales team, she’s also a wonderful ambassador for the area and the Emberton community!


Q: Why is Emberton such a fantastic place?

A: “It offers many things for a variety of buyers. On the lifestyle side, it ranks high but as an opportunity for landlords looking for investment properties, it’s stellar. The rental market is strong in Emberton and investors don’t have a problem finding tenants quickly.”


Q: How would you describe the community here, particularly the women?

A: Emberton Estate is privileged to have a diverse spectrum of ladies from mothers running their home-based businesses to pharmacists, doctors and even a pilot! Most women have a natural instinct to nurture and grow whatever has been ‘placed in their hands’ and this is clearly evident with the ladies of Emberton. Having lived in the estate for nearly a year, I have experienced the way our women come together to help and encourage one another. It’s really a beautiful representation of how community living should be.”


Q: Why are you passionate about Hillcrest and what does it offer that few other places do?

A: ”In 2007 we relocated from Joburg to Hillcrest. Our reasoning was to prevent our 3 children from becoming ‘mall rats’. Hillcrest surpassed our expectations and today, I am super passionate about the area because of its country charm, friendly community and many outdoor activities.”


RiAnne Rautenbach



This gorgeous lady and mom of three is an integral part of our Emberton Family. Not only does she know what it’s like to live in the estate, she’s also the driving force behind our community outreach efforts.


Q: Tell us about what Emberton’s community have been doing to help the SPCA?

A: “The past few weeks have been a challenge for many and our Aim has been to make a difference and reach out and build. As a community. As part of our “Collins Cares Campaign,” The residents of  Emberton have come together to donate pet food, toys and warm blankets to Kloof Highway SPCA. This is an ongoing effort and these items are collected and delivered on a  weekly basis. We also went to visit the organisation to chat to the amazing people who run it and give a few cuddles to the animals.”


Q: Why is Emberton such a special place? 

A: “During my time spent at Emberton, my sons and I enjoyed a sense of total safety, convenience and fun living in here. There are no words to describe the heartwarming sound of happy children and families gathering at Rays Kitchen Restaurant and the pool area. The friendly 24-hour security staff made living at Emberton a real pleasure. a convenient and safe lifestyle for my family. My kids made friends of similar ages and spent lots of time riding bikes, whilst I enjoyed having social braais with neighbours.”


Q: Tell us about #RebuildSA and your ambassadorship with them

A: “At a time of little hope over the past few weeks, I was approached by the Rebuild SA foundation to join the team as an official ambassador for the Rebuild SA Fund. Our focus is on rising up, building our community and uplifting those in need. PR, active mobilising, fundraising, small business relief and resuscitation are also areas of interest for us. My role so far has been concerned with Baby Homes & Animal Rescue. Collins Cares, together with the Emberton Community, has focused on supporting SPCA Kloof with the things they need to help the animals. Another Collins Group Development, Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village (together with Kindlewood Estate) have collected and donated generous supplies of baby items that have gone to Ray of Hope and The  Baby House. This support will be ongoing and we can’t wait to see the difference we can make in the lives of those who need it most.”


Tracy Smith & Estelle van den Berg


Women of Emberton


Meet the dynamic duo behind our Emberton Pre-School! We asked these lovely ladies a few questions about the school and what makes Emberton and the Hillcrest Area unlike any other…


Q: What makes Emberton the perfect place for your pre-school?

A: “ The location of the pre-school is ideal for parents who work on this side of Hillcrest, Kloof, Pinetown and even Westville thanks to easy access to the M13. We also believe Emberton is an incredible estate that offers impressive facilities like a swimming pool, tennis courts, a kids’ play area and a restaurant/clubhouse. There are also a few choices for prospective buyers, so there’s a home for everyone at Emberton. The estate also offers 24/7 security, which is certainly a must these days.“


Q: Why are you both so passionate about Hillcrest? 

A: “Hillcrest gives you that homely town feel that so many crave amidst chaotic modern living. It is close enough to the Drakensberg, Midlands and the beach, making it perfect for families who love to live an active outdoor lifestyle. The community is lovely and local businesses and malls offer anything you might possibly need. For those who enjoy time together, there are several awesome restaurants in and around Hillcrest, including Ray’s Kitchen Emberton inside the estate!”


Q: What makes the Hillcrest community a special one? 

A: “People in Hillcrest get together.  Whether for a good cause or simply to see each other, there’s always a reason for our community to gather. We love supporting each other. This was made evident during the recent unrest where everyone rallied, shared supplies and gave a hand. It’s really lovely to be part of such an inclusive and helpful community!”


Q: What are you both looking forward to in terms of the school opening?

A: “We can’t wait to bring a school to the community that will help working parents and give them the peace of mind that their children are cared for, loved and educated.  We want to help our students learn through play, whilst building their confidence,  friendships and skills for “big school” one day.  Although we’re a Christian facility, everyone is welcome to join our family and we’re excited to provide a home away from home that allows these kids to feel valued and special.”


Meet our fantastic females in the flesh


Want to see why Emberton is the first choice for many? Book a tour of Emberton and become part of our community when you contact Fiona on 083 342 7702 or

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