What lifestyle are you buying into at Aviva?

A convenient location

Convenience and comfort are the cornerstones of a lifestyle that Aviva Emberton offers to its residents. Set within the lush contours of Hillcrest, Aviva Emberton stands as a testament to a living experience that seamlessly blends the ease of access to modern necessities with the tranquility of a serene retreat.

The strategic location of Aviva Emberton places it at a unique juncture where lifestyle meets convenience. Within a short drive, residents can find themselves at the doorstep of top-rated educational institutions, making the morning school run a breeze. The bustling ambiance of trendy restaurants and bars provides a quick escape for an evening out, while the nearby shopping malls cater to all retail therapy needs.

The assurance of convenience extends to connectivity. With quick access to Old Main Road, the M13 highway, and the N3, the journey to Durban’s city centre, less than 30 minutes away, is as smooth as it is swift. This easy connectivity not only promises a stress-free commute but also positions Aviva Emberton as a desirable location for potential renters and buyers alike, thereby ensuring the investment remains robust against market fluctuations.

A myriad of modern amenities

Aviva Emberton is a lifestyle choice that advocates for a comfortable and convenient living. The development caters to a variety of lifestyles with a comprehensive selection of onsite amenities. The iconic clubhouse forms the social heartbeat of the community, and is an architectural marvel that offers a communal area for socialising, relaxation, and events. The onsite restaurant, Ray’s Kitchen, serves as a culinary retreat with a menu to satisfy diverse palates. This bustling hub is positioned conveniently for those nights when cooking at home feels less appealing.

Fitness enthusiasts can indulge in the state-of-the-art gym, fitted with the latest equipment, while the swimming pool beckons for a leisurely dip or invigorating laps. For families, the development provides thoughtfully designed playgrounds that offer a safe and vibrant space for children to play and explore.

Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the padel courts, a modern addition to sports amenities, alongside expansive green landscapes perfect for a weekend game of soccer or cricket. The braai pods are social hotspots where residents can host gatherings and savour the open-air ambience. These amenities, combined with serene walking paths and manicured gardens, underscore Emberton’s commitment to a lifestyle that balances activity, social interaction, and the serene pleasure of Hillcrest’s natural beauty.

Sustainable living at its finest

In the pursuit of convenience and comfort, sustainability remains a key pillar at Aviva Emberton. The development is equipped with solar supplementing capabilities, reducing reliance on the grid and offering residents a greener, more cost-effective way of living. This commitment to eco-friendly solutions speaks volumes about the development’s foresight and responsibility towards the environment and its inhabitants.

The embodiment of modern luxury

Luxury at Aviva Emberton is redefined not just through its architectural finesse or the quality of finishes but through the lifestyle it promises. It caters to those who value their time, with every amenity designed to maximise convenience and minimise hassle. It’s where comfort is not compromised, and the joys of life can be savoured to their fullest.

Aviva Emberton represents a unique opportunity where convenience and comfort co-exist to create a secure living space for families and a lifestyle that is truly enviable. For prospective homeowners and investors, it offers a chance to be part of a community that embodies a unique approach to residential living, where every day is an experience of ease, enjoyment, and elegance.

With its blend of accessibility, comfort, modern amenities, and a commitment to sustainable living, Aviva Emberton is more than an address; it’s the epitome of what modern homeowners and savvy investors seek. As the landscape of residential living continues to evolve, Aviva Emberton remains ahead of the curve, offering a home that’s not only a sanctuary but a smart investment into the future.

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