Why Emberton is the height of convenient living

For those in search of convenient living, Emberton provides everything you need in arguably the most sought-after estate in the Upper-Highway area. Thanks to a world of impressive facilities both within our gates and within close proximity to us, our residents get to live convenient, fulfilling lives. Here’s how we offer the height of convenient living.


Laundromat, hair and beauty salon

Our very own laundromat, hair and beauty salon means you’re never far from the things you need most. Whether it’s your weekly laundry, or a blow wave just in time for the weekend, life at Emberton certainly is an easy and rewarding one. With these facilities on-site, our residents can spend less time doing laundry and more time with the ones they love, which has always been our ultimate goal.


Ray’s Kitchen

For those who feel like a coffee, a light lunch or even a hearty dinner, our clubhouse plays home to the fantastic Ray’s Kitchen Emberton, a celebrated eatery in the Upper-Highway area. It’s also an ideal solution for when you’d prefer a night off from cooking and would rather grab a takeaway or head over for a sit-down dinner.


Emberton Preschool

Opening in January 2022, we’re excited for the opening of our very own preschool that’s set to offer even more value for our residents. This 80-learner preschool will mean ease of access, spectacular design, wholesome education and of course, the best in Early Childhood Development. For those who live at Emberton, having their little ones attend school so close to home will certainly prove to be a wonderful benefit.


Close to amenities

With fantastic schools, eateries, shopping malls and hospitals just a stone’s throw away, if you don’t find it within the gates of Emberton, you’re sure to find it a short drive away. This makes every day a convenient and exciting one with shorter commutes and more time to spend with family and pursue the things you love.


Join us for a private tour of Emberton and see why our lifestyle is one that ticks all the right boxes when you call Fiona on 083 342 7702 or email fiona@embertonsales.co.za.

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