Why invest in Aviva Emberton as an off-plan development?

Aviva Emberton presents a pragmatic and compelling proposition in the property investment landscape. Located in the heart of Hillcrest, this development offers an array of tangible benefits that resonate with both potential homeowners and investors. The appeal begins with the absence of transfer duty and a modest upfront deposit, facilitating accessibility to the property market.

The promise of minimal maintenance makes this investment an enticing prospect. Enhanced security features provide residents with peace of mind, and the developer’s verified reputation reinforces confidence in the venture. Aviva Emberton emerges as a viable, substantiated investment opportunity in the property landscape, underpinned by practicality, reliability, and modernity.

Here are our reasons as to why you should invest in Aviva Emberton and buy directly from the developer:

1. No transfer duty and low deposit

Investing in Aviva Emberton comes with the significant benefit of zero transfer duty. This means that when you purchase directly from the developer, you won’t be burdened with the additional cost of transfer duty. Aviva Emberton requires only a minimal deposit of R5,000 to secure your investment, making homeownership more accessible and affordable.

2. Growing capital appreciation in a prime Hillcrest location

When you purchase off-plan, you are given the opportunity to purchase at the lowest price-point. As the development progresses from construction to completion, the value of the property increases. Being in such a prime Hillcrest location and established estate, you can expect the capital appreciation to be positive.

3. Attractive rental yields

Investors seeking promising rental income should take note of Aviva Emberton’s estimated gross rental yields of up to 9.14% per annum. This development presents an attractive opportunity for those looking to generate a steady income stream from their investment, making it a compelling choice in the property market.

4. Backed by a reputable developer

Aviva Emberton is developed by Collins Residential, a well-established and reputable developer known for delivering quality properties. Choosing a development with a trusted developer provides peace of mind, ensuring that your investment is backed by expertise and reliability.

Investing in property is a strategic decision that encompasses financial security and lifestyle considerations. Collins Residential have created this opportunity to align with these objectives, offering an investment that combines modernity, security, sustainability, and potential for returns. In a competitive real estate market, Aviva Emberton distinguishes itself as a top choice characterised by affordability, reliability, and quality that is backed by the Collins Residential name; making it a compelling option for both homeowners and investors alike.

5. Sustainable solutions

Sustainability is a key consideration in today’s real estate landscape, and Aviva Emberton embraces this ethos. The development integrates sustainable solutions into its design and construction, offering residents energy-efficient living spaces and environmentally conscious features right from the very get-go. These aspects are not fitted into an existing design but is rather curated with sustainable solutions in mind. This commitment to sustainability enhances both the environmental impact and overall quality of life and sets it apart as an off-plan development.

6. Minimal maintenance efforts

Newly constructed homes typically require minimal maintenance during the initial years. Aviva Emberton apartments are backed by guarantees on all fittings, sparing residents from unexpected maintenance costs and inconveniences. This allows homeowners to settle into their new residences and enjoy them to the fullest without the burden of immediate repairs.

For those looking to make a smart investment that promises both immediate and long-term returns, Aviva Emberton ticks all the boxes. Secure your Aviva Emberton investment today and learn more about our off-plan investment opportunities by contacting our team to book a tour of the estate.

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