Winter at Emberton

At this time of the year, many seem to be retreating into their homes. For residents at Emberton, they’re finding more and more reasons to get out and enjoy winter. Even during level 4 of lockdown, there’s more to do and enjoy than you might think. All in all, winter in Hillcrest is simply magical. Here are four reasons why we love it…


1.We can pull out those winter woollies

Are you even from Hillcrest if you don’t have an array of scarves, jackets and beanies? To be fair though, it’s really only the mornings and evenings that provide a chill at this time of the year. Nevertheless, we do love throwing on a few layers and embracing some winter fashion (socks and slippers included).


2. We can enjoy our favourite comfort foods

Whether you rival Jamie Oliver or would prefer to leave the task to someone else, this time of the year and its weather are perfect for those winter favourites. From simmering soups to hearty lamb shanks and even hot malva puddings, who could say no to the best of winter’s dishes. During this time, we’re choosing to support local restaurants and eateries, like our very own Ray’s Kitchen Emberton, by ordering takeaways. This gives us the night off from cooking and allows us to lend a hand to the restaurants who might be struggling.


3.We can still take a walk around Emberton

Thankfully, winter in Hillcrest isn’t as cold as other parts of the nation and during the day, we often enjoy some sunshine and warmer temperatures. By living in a wonderful estate like ours, our residents enjoy safety and freedom at all times. They also get a beautiful setting complete with paths to walk whilst immersing themselves in Mother Nature. This provides the perfect chance to get those daily steps in, let the kids burn some energy and enjoy a dose of winter sunshine and vitamin D.


4.We’re still happy!

Whilst winter can bring the moods of many down, our residents are happier than ever. This could be thanks to a glorious setting, state-of-the-art security, great facilities and well-designed homes or it’s thanks to the wonderful people who call Emberton “home”. Without this warm, positive and welcoming bunch, winter (and Emberton) just wouldn’t be the same without them.


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