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Introducing the historic Clubhouse

The social hub of Emberton Estate is without a doubt, the chic clubhouse. As an AMAFA-registered structure, the clubhouse holds tremendous historical value to the town of Hillcrest.

What was once an old, traditional farmhouse, Collins Residential, the development team behind Emberton Estate, have rejuvenated the structure, kept much of the building intact, and preserved the history. This includes preserving the original Jojoba dark wood floors and pressed ceilings and cornices. As you step into the stylish clubhouse, the high ceilings and stained-glass windows hark back to a simpler time, where farmers in Hillcrest could spend their afternoons taking in the views of the Durban beachfront from their front porch.

The team from Wylder Jane Designs brought a balance between this old-world charm and superb modern finishes in their final interior design of the completed structure. Catherine Olivier played an integral part in the process and explains the various segments of this unique location. “The inspiration of the clubhouse is a tropical colonial aesthetic. We’ve looked to compliment rich colours with natural woods, grass cloth wallpaper and earth tones.”

From the colonial paddle ceiling fans, to industrial-retro lighting in the bar area, the combination of colours and shades have been seamlessly married into an original, comprehensive design. Emberton Estate embraces an outdoor lifestyle and the use of Areca palm trees is certainly appropriate. “It’s important to bring life to an interior and using foliage is a great way to do that,” explains Olivier. “With such beautiful high ceilings, the use of palm trees brings in the height variation of scale, perspective and acoustics, which was important for this project,” Olivier continues.

The Clubhouse has become the central social hub of Emberton and the greater Hillcrest area, as the famous Ray’s Kitchen operate their restaurant within the estate. Register your interest to learn more about the available opportunities within Emberton, so you too can enjoy having this great facility within walking distance of your home.

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